About BrailleRap-SP

BrailleRapSP is an open source DIY Braille embosser. You can plug the embosser in your computer with an USB cable, open a document and “print”  your document for blind peoples. It’s a wonderful tool to :

Improve building accessibility.
Publish documents, menu, informations, news to the community of blind peoples.
Create reliefs drawings such as building plan, simples schematics.
Tag things with Braille stickers.
Build custom games and toys for blind childrens.

BrailleRapSP is also a wonderful project for digital fabrication education. With a single workshop you can teach about :

Open source and empowering peoples or community.
Laser cutting.
3D printing.

About US

We are two makers involve in several fablabs. We love making useful things that work and sharing knowledge.
In January 2018, we started with some linear rails, Nema motors and printed parts to try making a braille embosser. A few tries later, we started to show samples of Braille embossed texts, and everyone was very excited. The BrailleRAP-SP project was born.

Special Thanks to :

Clara Pacotte

John Lejeune (LabFab EESAB)



Delphine Bézier (MHK)

Geneviève GDK

First prototype - Nice Dot

How much we paid
100 %
Positive feedback
2 kg
ABS printed
cut tree